Saturday, June 09, 2007

Playin’ in the sandbox: Transformers Robot Heroes

So if you're like me, you frequent Target and Walmart fairly often, looking for toys and junk you don't really need, except for the purposes of filling out a bookshelf. Chances are if you are this type of person, you've seen the glut of Transformers merchandise currently available. Most of it is movie based, but some of it is based on the cartoon, which brings me to:

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Okay, so this clearly is a pic I got from ebay, but because my scanner is a POS, I was left with little option. Yes, wittle bitty Optimus and Ravage. Anyone that knows me is familiar with my Optimus obsession, which I've habored for the better part of 22 years, so this purchase was a no brainer.

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This pic of the back carding is actually mine, and shows you the other available sets. What it doesnt' show is the Optimus vs. Unicron set, and a Walmart exclusive set, which is currently the only way to get Megatron.

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Adorable isn't a word I like to throw around a lot, but damnit, that's what we got here. Ravage who was a cold blooded killer in G1, looks more like a sassy kitten, and my boy Optimus looks like a bossy 8 year old.

The only negative I can find is that they don't transform, which would've been nice. But only at 4 something a set, I can overlook that.

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