Friday, December 26, 2008

The 5 Biggest Disappointments In Gaming 2008!

The year is coming to a close. Most of the huge marquee titles are readily available, with only a few left out examples. But I'd say at this very moment in time, as of writing, just a short rock toss to Christmas, we can judge the industry. While I take my time to set up and post my year end Best of '08 and my other big project, I can take some time and talk about the 5 biggest disappointments of 2008, seen through my very own eyes. Your opinion may vary. It would be wrong, but still, it may vary.

5.) Grand Theft Auto IV

Originally, it was going to be Too Human. But I realized some better, since at least Too Human feels like it's own game. GTA IV, while visually a leap forward is nothing more than GTAIII: The Sequel. While living comfortably on the PS2 and XBox, GTA evolved. III went from a top down goof off fest, to a 3D living, virtual city where you can commit the most heinous crimes possible. Vice City took the idea, and expanded it, giving it something that more closely resembled a real storyline, set it in the 80s, made it homage all the classic gangster movies, gave it an awesome soundtrack and gave us new play mechanics. San Andreas was, in essence, the pinnacle franchise. It's the biggest city, that spans a large variety of different locales, included almost RPG elements for you character, and had a story that closer resembled a movie than either of the others. GTA IV takes away planes, takes away the RPG elements, and brings in the gritty realism. Play with the "current affairs" idea, we get a foreigner, running away from his past and doing his best to adapt. Now, my opinion is clearly not the popular opinion. GTA IV is one of highest rated games of the year, but it's story doesn't engage me, the city doesn't entertain me, and it just feels like I've done this all before, being a criminal with a conscience performing the same lame boring task over and over again. While they change things up on occasion, it just feels like I'm always tailing some guy (BUT DON'T GET TOO CLOSE!), I'm racing some guy, I'm chasing some guy, and I'm entering a building and killing some guy. And while the game is sandbox "do what you want," I fell like during the story itself, they hold your hand leading you around. I've had more fun playing the goofier, more over the top Saints Row 2, since I'm an amoral prick that does the same stupid missions as GTA, but with some more interesting twists, like insurance fraud, wide scale pandemonium, eradicating unwanted guests in places I want to use as hideouts and having to gain street cred if I want to progress the story. GTA IV is far from a terrible game, don't get me wrong, but I just don't find it as engaging as it could be. I would have liked to have liked this game more than I did, but I'm just tired of the mission structure.

4.) Sony Updates PSN. Still Sucks.


PSN is not XBox Live. Nor will it ever be. While the system isn't broken, it might as well be. First of all, PSN store used to be browser based. Which I think we can all agree on is retarded. Luckily, with some new features introduced a short while ago, we got a software based PSN Store, so now you don't have to sit through a painful load while you're trying to buy Super Rub-A-Dub or something. The store itself is lacking pretty much any pop to its servers, considering there isn't a whole hell of a lot to pick up, and the original titles, while some being totally awesome, are now where near on par with what you can buy on XBLA. Having friends on PSN is like having a friend via Ham Radio. Yeah, they're there, and you can get in contact with them sometimes, but what's the fucking point? Luckily, now we actually have cards and things to look at so we know when they were last online and what game they're currently playing if the game supports it. "If The Game Supports It" is a phrase you're going to hear a lot. We can now listen to our own music from our hard drive during a game......if the game supports it. We can access the XMB (Xross Media Bar, because "X"s are EXTREEEEEME!) through most games so getting a message isn't completely useless now. Screen grabs are possible now, not that you would know, since nobody supports them. And of course, the PS3s answer to Achievement Points over in 360-topia. TROPHIES! You can earn trophies from all of your "favorite" games, if they support them, and collect and share them with your friends! The cool thing about trophies is that it's like an RPG, your player card actually levels up the more trophies you get. It'd be awesome if games actually supported trophies. Fuck, even MGS4, the PS3 marquee title, doesn't support trophies. PSN exists. It's there. And it ain't anything to write home about. Plus, for whatever reason, I get booted out a lot more than I do XBL. Which is to say I actually get booted off whereas I never do on Live.

3.)Might As Well Be God Damn Homeless


While PSN may be disappointing, it still has limitless potential. Trophies will be linked to your PSN name and can be displayed in HOME, a virtual world where you can meet, converse, and play around with friends and strangers using a 3D virtual avatar! You can meet up with friends, meet, get them into a 3D rendered room for Warhawk and then launch RIGHT into the game! Well, this would all be true if Home were an actual existing piece of public software. Instead, we're given blanket promises and vague company lines that ensure us that it's totally amazing. I can confirm that this is a Home that deserves to have it's Christmas lights left on over night on a dry, dead tree. Home went live via a public beta a mere weeks before Christmas, thusly crashing PSN for the most part. And when people were allowed in, they realized that basically the only fun thing to do at all is chase girls around and harass them, and trying to convince them to enter your Summer home. The only good to come out of Home is "Quincying". If you're curious as to what that is, go to and search for it.

2.) Mario Kart Wii


Mario Kart is a Nintendo work horse franchise. Since it's franchise inception on the SNES, we expect and demand awesome and fun over the top wacky arcade racing with our friends, with only a couple of minor slips along the way. Well, then you might ask, what is so wrong with Mario Kart Wii that you go so far as to claim it to be one of the most disappointing moments of 2008? It's simple really. Nintendo's new company line is ruining their franchises. Simple, dumb fun enough to keep things going, and I agree with that, but when you LITERALLY make it dumb, we have problems. Anyone can win any race. It's a ridiculously unbalanced that decided the weapons didn't play a big enough role before. So here we are, getting bombarded with blue shells out the ass, the rubber band AI is utterly relentless, and the multiplay is basically destroyed. Everyone is a winner with Nintendo, which is why we are team based now. And those balloons that used to signify your health? Don't worry about those anymore, they're useless. Why are they still's really unknown. The only saving grace is the WiFi play, but even that isn't pointless, since Nintendo insists that having friend codes is the future of gaming.

1.) The Nintendo Wii Sucks.

Should you take that line seriously? Probably not. Don't get me wrong. I really like the Wii. It's a great fun system with some nice features that really go above and beyond what we're used to Nintendo giving us. Which is REALLY a sad statement when you begin to realize how little we've been given this generation as gamers that have stuck by Nintendo through the shit they've made us endure through. 2008 has been a mess. A simple look at their release schedule reveals that. The biggest holiday titles for Nintendo on their console are Wii Music, an interactive tale of what it would be like if you were that idiot savant pianist, and Animal Crossing DS...I mean City Folk. Because it's totally not the same as the DS game. I mean, they have a city you can go to now, it's totally different. Look at all the amazing stuff shown off at E3 too! Uh....a sequel to Wii Sports which lets you fix the Wii controller to what we thought it actually was with Wii Motion Plus. And of course Wii Music. Wii Music is reason enough to hate Nintendo. Their non-game that lets you wildly flail about to make music with little or no regard to the fact that the basic aspect of a game is to accomplish a task. And wiggling a controller so it looks like your playing Jazz sax to Twinkle Twinkle is not a task. At least god damn Mario Paint let you fill in a picture of a dinosaur and MAKE the music too.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

People of Earth. Merry Christmas

We used to do a million Transformers toy reviews here it seems. Well, here's another. A little Christmas present that makes me giddy as a little school girl. So, I present to thee, a very magical Transformers holiday present. This thing:

It's the 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime action figure. It is basically a re-release of the original Op Prime toy, with some extra bells and whistles. In package, it looks fantastic.

Of course, you get the typical back of the card reading. Information of who Optimus Prime is. His stats are through the roof, as would be suspected, and his adorable little picture of him in his Autobot glory.


This get up is packed. It has a little flap flips up to display his wonderful trailer in full glory, and shows off the Issue 1 comic reprinting included. The set also comes with a DVD that has wallpapers and stuffs, and is the entire "More Than Meets The Eye" story arc from the original series. Also, it comes with a shield, that has a belt clip that also doubles as a stand. You push the button, which is basically the forehead of the thing, and it rattles off some phrases or the transforming sound effect.

There is everything in their full glory. It's pretty much exactly as advertised. It's a wonderful replication of the original Prime, at a "fraction" of the cost of buying on used. It's a terrific display piece, and I'm proud to welcome another Prime into the family.

In the end,I give it:

Out of a possible 5.

The price of the piece is too much to keep it at a perfect 5.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 Jones Soda-Thon

Stop laughing. I can hear the laughing.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Max Payne: The Move: The Review

Movies based on video games are clearly a sore spot for someone like myself. By and large, gaming movies are ass. Movies ABOUT gaming usually turn out fine enough. Wargames, The Wizard, The Last Starfighter, King of Kong, and Tron. It's all good. But when you actually take a game and try to spin your Hollywood "magic", something gets lost in translation. Usually it has something to do with those in charge being lifeless husks of men creating something that vaguely resembles the source product enough as to get our sorry asses into the seats. Things never got better. Super Mario Bros., Double Dragon, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat were bad, but considering the time and the general acceptance of games as a medium, it wasn't shocking. But now, games are a valid sub-genre in the realm of entertainment running neck-and-neck even with some of the biggest blockbusters. So what do we get? We get Doom, Resident Evil, Hitman, Dead or Alive and Uwe Boll making a mockery out of pretty much anything he can get his grubby little mitts on.

Now, that's not to say I don't enjoy movies like Super Mario, Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, but it's the same way some might enjoy something like Snakes on a Plane or Faces of Death. Super Mario is rife with inside jokes concerning the series and Street Fighter just sort of depresses you knowing that Raul Julia's last movie was him playing M. Bison.

Well, that brings us to today. With games being generally cinematic these days and relying heavily on a story, it's no surprise now more than ever, companies want these creations adapted to the screen so they can make billions off of a property they didn't create. With Prince of Persia underway (which features Jake Gyllenhaal as the title character of all people), and games like Bioshock and Halo always being spoken in the "when the hell are these coming out?" breath. For some reason. I mean, it's not exactly like we've had a success yet. I guess the law of averages suggests that at some point one has to be great.

That brings us to the movie based on one of my most beloved franchises from the last generation. Max Payne. Max Payne was far from a "GREAT!" game. It's gameplay was pretty weak, but with a great gimmick. Bullet Time slowed the action down so you could John Woo through a door and blast bad guys away while dodging their bullets. The visuals were nice, and the cinematics were wonderful. That's the one place where it REALLY stood out, the way the cinematic package was presented. It was a film noir story. A revenge story. A vigilante cop story. The cutscenes were like comic panels telling the story. Max had a lot of great one liners and internal monologues all being delivered in a droll boring affect. It was a fairly typical revenge story, with obvious story twists, but it's the way the entire package was delivered in the end that made it movie worthy of a big screen adaption in the first place. It had a lot of flair, regardless of some of it's inadequacies in terms of the actual gameplay at times. Especially during the drug induced hallucination levels where you're forced to follow a very narrow trail of blood in a manner that can only be described as ";lkasjdfihiwebfrsbfvljsf!"

The movie, which stars, in all reality and excellently cast actor, Mark Wahlberg, pretty much takes the very basic storyline of the game in the terms of Max's wife and baby are killed, he tracks the junkies around, finds out the mystery, gets revenge and follows it fairly well. There are some pretty nice plot details they left out. The the entire mob substory being basically left out entirely. And if you haven't played the games, they really make you work to fill in some plot holes. In the game, Lupino is a psychotic satanist junkie that spouts off dark readings while sacrificing another person. In the movie, he's just a nut job, and kills a guy in cold blood for no explanation. A gamer would sort of piece that in his head with the game, the rest, well, to them he's just another junkie. Also, the story wraps up in a familiar but totally different way. And there is no internal dialog save for the beginning.

In general, the movies actually quite decent. But it's still not the Spider-Man 2 or The Dark Knight to the gaming world like those were to the comics world. That movie may never come, or it may come in the next couple of years. All I know is, is that this one movie is pretty much the best example of a gaming movie there is. That lines going to be either pitiful to some, or excellent to others. By the end of the day, Max Payne does a lot of things right with the source material, but the pulled punches of PG-13 forced it to take and some of the liberties with some story elements have kept it from being great.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

VidArm is Proud To Present A New Format!

Released to the Press, July 15th, 2008

SEATTLE,WA-As you are all well aware, this week marks E3, this countries largest expo for the gaming industry to show of their newest creations to the world and lay out what to expect in the next year in terms of the industry. Among some of the largest announcements include Microsoft giving the Xbox are massive dashboard update altering the look entirely and integrating a Nintendo Mii like Avatar system and changing the menus to look similar a console that should only have one button on the controller. On Sony's Side, they showed off more Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, and Home. All of which have been seen previously before, many times over. Also announced was a brand new video service that would allow you to rent, buy, watch, and transfer to the PSP, various movies, similar to what the Xbox has been doing for all this time now. And to round things out, Nintendo showed of their various wares. Which includes such stand out titles as the Animal Crossing game everyone new that was being developed, a microphone that should have shipped with the console, a game that's called Wii Sports only so they could actually sell it to the public, and of course, their Pièce de résistance, Wii Music that's been seen since the dawn of Wii, only now you get fifty instruments to play in the air that don't actually appear to work quite right and has no real discernible gameplay value other than to swing around to simulate music. So with this, Video Armageddon would like to introduce to you the newest direction of the blog. We are going to become an independent reviewer of woodworking tools.

--John J. Holder

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


* Plug & play on TV
* 20 built-in 16-bit SEGA licensed games
* Supports RedKid cartridge
* Plays original Mega Drive & Genesis games
* TV out connection
* TV format: NTSC
* Official product, containing games authorized by SEGA

The Sega Mega Drive Twin Pad Player from Sega's official China distributor AtGames brings back all the memories of Sega's 16bit era. This official product does not only feature twenty hot built-in Mega Drive games, but also plays all original Sega Mega Drive (Japanese) and Sega Genesis (US) games. Further included in the package are two six-button joypads, AV cable and instructions sheet.

List of built-in games:

Alien Storm
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
Altered Beast
Arrow Flash
Columns III
Crack Down
Decap Attack
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Ecco Jr.
ESWAT: City Under Siege
Gain Ground
Golden Axe
Jewel Master
Kid Chameleon
Shadow Dancer
Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
Sonic and Knuckles
Sonic Spinball

Stay tuned to Video Armageddon for further developments.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Double J Presents: A Study in Hyperbole: GTA IV Reviews


The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been around for years. It's over a decade by this point. I have been somewhat of a franchise fan since it's start. GTA on the PC/PSX were fun little games for their time, as were it's expansion of sequel. Outlandish, funny, and juvenile, the games let you live out your wild fantasies as a thug and criminal. Stealing cars, killing innocents, cops, and gangsters, the game were far from the usual item of the day on the menu. It's biggest downfall the reason the franchise wasn't a success was because of it's fairly sad graphics and it's overall gameplay was pretty much a lame duck. The series seemed to fall under the category of ahead of it's time, destined to be nothing more than a cult classic from an era dominated by fairly massive adventures like MGS, the Final Fantasy titles, Legend of Zelda and others. Something important happened to the franchise though. The PS2 is the best thing to happen to the gaming world in years. It's massive install base and "ahead of it's time" hardware, the PS2 opened many closed doors to developers. GTA was able to go 3D finally. Gone was the craptacular top down view....well, not gone, it was still there, but not the default view. Jesus Christ....I'm really getting off track here. This was supposed to be a look into the reviews for GTA IV, not a history of sandbox open world gaming. I'm sorry. This is embarrassing. Alright. GTA IV was released. That's the point. Well...not the point per se. The real point is about the REVIEWS of GTA IV. There is no denying it. GTA IV is awesome. And an awesome game should get great reviews. But the real question is: Does it deserve THE BEST reviews, or is it a hype machine that so powerful backed up by a brilliant marketing strategy of nothingness? From here on out, I'm going to include some samples of reviews and comment on them. A lot of publications and sites try to hide by saying things like "a perfect score doesn't mean it's perfect" which would be acceptable if this were a 5 point scale, but on a 10 point scale with fractals and a letter grading scale, that's where we get into issues. Fuck you EGM. An A+ means perfect. You can't get a 100% percent with a wrong answer or two, and GTA has it's wrong answers. You even talk about them in your god damn reviews. This isn't so much an attack on the reviewers themselves, as it is at the concept of reviews in general and the apparent need to quantify something with a number or grade, thusly negating having to read anything at all. So, without any further ado, here is where things start getting dirty...

Okay I lied. Not yet. I'm not going after GTAIV. Really I'm going after the constant need we have to quantify everything. Whether it be from movies, music, games and even food, we have to grade it. It's an asinine system we've been accustomed to. People spend hours writing reviews and you just skip right to the end and make your decision from there. A game could get a fairly low score, but could still get talked about glowingly but still share some issues. But you don't know that because it got a six and that's all you read. And there is something else. If you can ramble on about a game for 6 pages and then be able to sum up the ENTIRE review in a single paragraph in a "closing comments" section, you review is useless and void. It's bullshit.

A "10" is not a score we give out very often. In fact, the last time we gave a 10 to a console game was Soul Calibur in 1999. A 10 doesn't mean a game is perfect -- it means a game is pushing boundaries, expanding a genre, and doing many things to a level so far above and beyond its competitors that they overshadows any flaws. Certainly, GTA IV has some issues, the most noticeable being the occasional flaw in the cover system, but there are many more pieces of GTA IV that are better than anything I've seen from a game in the past decade. We don't give 10s often -- just to games that merit the score.

That there is the IGN review in the closing comments and shows the dangerous trend of "a 10 is not perfect." You have a 10 point scale. Much like a googol in numbers or absolute zero in temperature, they are there as placeholders, theoretical in nature. You can't personally reach them. They can never theoretically be and will never give a game a zero. As long as the game works. You put it in, turn it on, it boots up and the controller controls the game not matter how awful it may be, the game is above zero. Much like 10. A ten, on a scale designed to break down in to fractals that includes .1-.9's, like that would have to be utter perfection. You can start with a 10, but the second you have a complaint about something you have to tick down at least a .1 on the scale. This is what I mean by hyperbole. It's a fantastic game, there is NO doubt there. But it's far from "highest on a rating scale" perfect. Also, if you read, you'll notice a common trend of talking about the story, but seeming devoid of any in depth discussion of the actual missions. Likely because they are the same as they've ever been which can range from entertaining to dreadful. Sure, they cover the exciting ones in their review like the bank robbery, but as to expected in a TEN! review, they fail to point out that the missions for the most part haven't evolved since GTAIII. Take this guy here, race this guy, drive to this point and kill those guys, get that car and put it in that garage. Doesn't mean it can't be fun, but it's pretty much universally accepted that races are bullshit.

I do wish that Rockstar had added checkpoints in the multistage missions to cut down on the grunt work of frustrating retries. GTA4 also suffers from those little things that have always plagued the series, such as sudden pop-in of objects in the environment and the occasional repetition of car models in your immediate vicinity.
1UP(EGM) gave the game an A+. I'm sorry. While in area's an A+ generally refers to a simple phenomenal presentation, it's the best you could can receive. While in actuality it may not MEAN 100% it is more than implied that the work is flawless. There is a more than likely chance you've received a paper before with a letter grade on it, and unless that paper was 100% correct in every facet, you didn't get an A+. An A is nothing to sneeze about. It may sound like I'm being less critical of the letter grade system, when in actuality I'm most critical of the system. It's a pointless, uninformative system that offers little in terms of actual information you can use. It is the most common system it seems to speak in hyperbole for since it's such a small scale (while, in theory it's the largest since it's all based on a 100% number scale), you can over exaggerate to get your point across. If you don't think the game is great, you can give it an F and people will understand and keep away, think it's phenomenal, you give it an A+, even if the title has it's shares of faults and errors. You can read pretty much any review from 1Up, EGM, Game Revolution, anything and realize that in some cases their reviews sound every bit as glowing as a review for GTA IV and only get a B+ or a regular A. There is no rhyme or reason to the actual break down of the scale at times it seems. It's just a fact that a game that's hyped and delivers is more likely to receive a much higher rating than a phenomenal game that isn't on the worlds "must own" list.

I'm not trying to beat down the reviewing community, they're doing their jobs and in several cases they are doing fantastic jobs at it. We have this unhealthy dependence on needing to have everything wrapped up for is in a nice, tight, clean package so that the rest of the actual useful and insightful data is thrown right out the window and we see that graphics get an 8 and sound design gets a 10 and the overall score (which isn't an average by the way, whatever the fuck that's about) is a 7. It's coming up on 2 months since GTA IV, one of the two MOST hyped games for 2008, the game was receiving perfect scores across the board and the honeymoon is over. Reading through any message or listening to any podcast will inform you of these facts. The Perfect 10 GTA isn't so perfect after all, the "next-gen" new game smell has worn off and we're left with a game that is identical, if not less in some cases, as any other non-10 GTA title. This is where the reviewing system has failed us miserably.

Friday, May 30, 2008

VA's Book Of The Month Club

Yes! Books, for the uninformed are linear text based adventures. While they rarely offer branching paths or multiple endings (save for the critically acclaimed Choose Your Own Adventure franchise), these parchment based textular affairs offer hours entertainment with moderate replay value. There is one in particular I want to share with you:

The Masters Of Doom is probably one of the most interesting non-fictional stories I've read in quite a while. The story of the Two Johns is so interesting, and "seeing" the studio id evolve and then proceed to unfurl is fascinating and makes for a great book. John Carmack is probably one of the most influential and important American game designers easily in the past 20 years. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a passing interest in gaming or design. Honestly and seriously, this book is an extremely entertaining read and should be read by every literate gamer. The story of id is something else and deserves to be told. Whether you like their games or not, they are an extremely important part of our generation and should be remembered that way, regardless of what bullshit they do or have done.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Update #2: DK Jr. Still Missing New E-Mail

From: me
Posted At: 11:30:43.000 05/13/2008
Posted To: Nintendo
Subject: Webform: Software Related > Other

What happened to Donkey Kong Junior? Where has he been?


I'm afraid there isn't an answer to your question about Donkey Kong Jr. Nintendo excels at making sure our fans can get backstory information, character descriptions, and--most importantly--the information they require to complete the games that we publish. This can happen through our website (, Player's Guides, and Nintendo Power magazine.

Having said that, many details about our games will remain mysteries, left to the active imagination of the player.

Nintendo of America Inc.
Kurt Wagner

Nintendo's home page:
Power Line (Automated Product Info): (425) 885-7529


They're hiding something my fellow game players. Don't let them get away with this. E-Mail them relentlessly.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Do you remember Glover? Of course you remember Glover, the greatest game of the fifth generation of video games! A lot of people didn't appreciate this game. Why? Because they're gay, that's why. Gays who overcompensate for their lack of manhood. Go back to your murder simulators, your blood and gore generators and LEAVE GLOVER ALONE.


I love Glover so much, I wrote him a letter!

My dearest Glover,

How are doing my angel?

Sweetie, I just wanted to tell you that you've always been a wonderful part of my life. Whenever I think of you I melt and get a fuzzy feeling on the inside. There's just something about you which I can't help liking.

What manner of creature can resist your mysterious black eyes which swirl like whirlpools and flash like lightning whenever I say something silly to you.

I really do love our bonding sessions on the couch. I think its so wonderful when me and you sit there and just talk about anything, and even watch a DVD together. Although I must admit I really do find it funny when you tell me one of your boring dirty jokes and I pretend its funny and giggle.

You know I've always loved your gorgeous legs and I can't wait to see you again so I can drool like an idiot over your legs and make a complete fool out of myself in public as always. I think its great how you just roll your eyes upwards whenever I do that, and politely smile at me. Oh how I do love those charming little habits of yours!

My thoughts are always with you, my glove!

I love you now and forever,




I love Glover so much, I wrote him a poem!

Baby I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey
Ooh, the more I get of you
Stranger it feels, yeah
Now that your rose is in bloom
A light hits the gloom on the grey


I love Glover so much, I wrote him a song!

Take Me Away (Oh Glover) [Featuring Emmylou Harris and Buckethead]

The day that I met you I lost a piece of my heart.
Now I've got you here, nothing's going to keep us apart.
I don't have to worry, I don't have to hurry now.
You are all I need. I know we can make it somehow.
We're making a breakthrough, heading for a fall
Glover, how can I make you see me at all?

Take me away
Oh Glover, you do something to my chemistry
Take me away
Oh Glover, you are a total mystery

Oh Glover Oh
Take me away

*Buckethead solo*

Trouble to the left, danger to the right; I feel it all around.
As long as you are near, there's no need to fear, and I won't back down.
I know you're the answer to all of my dreams.
Now that we're together, birds of a feather, we're the perfect team.

Take me away
Oh Glover, you do something to my chemistry
Take me away
Oh Glover, you are a total mystery

Oh Glover Oh
Take me away
Oh Glover Oh
Take me away
Oh Glover Oh
Take me away

I love Glover so much, I drew him a picture!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

VA album review: Bad Hair day

Weird Al is one of those artists you either love or hate. Me, I love his stuff, which for me started with 'Dare to Be Stupid' from the Transformers Movie soundtrack (the good one).

Seeing as how the mid to late 90's was an excellent time for music, it came as no surprise in 1996 when Weird Al would release his ninth studio album 'Bad Hair Day' and parody said excellent music. Considering that there are 12 songs on the album, I'll just cover my favorites.

Image Hosted by

The driving force of the album (and cover) was Al's spoof of Coolio's hard hitting 'Gangsta's Paradise', titles 'Amish Paradise', where he makes light of the Amish culture. When he somehow weaves the chorus of the Gilligan's Island theme into the song, I lose it everytime. Personally, it's my second favorite song off the album, and one of his most popular hits:

'Cavity Search' is based off U2's 'Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me' Originally he was going to spoof 'Numb', and spin it into the song 'Green Eggs and Ham', but the estate of Dr. Seuss put the nix on it.

My personal favorite off the album, is 'Alternative Polka' which is a medley of some of the most popular alternative hits of the times accompanied by an accordion, ranging from Beck's 'Loser', to 'Blackhole Sun' from Soundgarden. No parody here, he does the songs lyric for lyric, but it's the way he does them is what makes it for me:

'Since You've Been Gone' is a very short, and kinda cute breakup song. It carries more weight if you've ever been dumped:

'Gump' is a parody of Presidents of the United States 'Lump' which pokes fun at Forrest Gump. It's one of the best songs on the album, simply because no remembers the Presidents of the United States. They aren't coming back, not even in pog form:

'I Remember Larry' is another Weird Al original, where describes an asshole neighbor making his life a living hell. The way Al does it straight, makes the song, especially the end:

'The Night Santa Went Crazy' is one of the forgotten Weird Al songs, but it's also one of his best. As the title suggests, it's about Santa going postal, and it's pretty graphic. It's easily one of his sickest songs, but shame on you if you don't laugh your ass off:

Overall, this is one of his best. there was a period when Al kinda faded out of the spotlight, and I kinda consider this his comeback album.