Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Double J: Rantaholic Vol. 1

What happened? Seriously. What happened with the world? Why must everything be re visioned? I'm sick of it. Donkey Kong isn't a good guy. He fucking kidnapped a fat guys girlfriend. Bless her soul for settling down with an Italian plumber, but then some monkey comes in and tries to change all that? That's bullshit. But now DK is a hero. He's killing crocodiles and eating bananas. No. Stop it. Throw barrels and attempt to rape women, none of this bongo bullshit.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will always be cool. Always. HOWEVER, the need for a new series was unnecessary. Everything that was needed to be said was said in the old show. Just rerun that. Instead, though, you decide to drag the once dead and loved franchise through the mud a little bit. Fuck that.

Transformers. Okay,I've got nothing against the countless TV shows. They are good for what they are. But Michael Bay, slow the fuck down. I don't know what it is exactly you are trying to do, or how you could even fuck up something as simple as robots that turn into things, but you're doing it pretty good. Please, just kill Megatron right now.

I'm glad they haven't tried to redo the Mario cartoons. I'm pretty sure, cartoon writers seem to think kids want a dark edgy, brooding, realistic world, it would be similar to the Super Mario live action movie as opposed to the light hearted videogame world. Wait a second....never mind, let's put that fucking show on the air tonight....

---Double J

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Team VA said...

They need to bring back Donkey Kong Junior. He was my favorite Nintendo character back in the day. Nothing radder than a monkey in a jumpsuit.

And what the fuck have they done with the new TMNT series, with this ridiculous BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II ploy? Jesus, how desperate are they? It still can't possibly sink as low as the original series. Remember in the last season when Krang's android body could grow to this giant ass size and the turtles controlled it from the stomach? Power Rangers destroyed a generation.

Ever read the Super Mario comics that ran in Nintendo Power back in 1992? If they got the same people who worked on that to do a new Mario animated series, it would be phenomenal.

- alex