Wednesday, December 24, 2008

People of Earth. Merry Christmas

We used to do a million Transformers toy reviews here it seems. Well, here's another. A little Christmas present that makes me giddy as a little school girl. So, I present to thee, a very magical Transformers holiday present. This thing:

It's the 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime action figure. It is basically a re-release of the original Op Prime toy, with some extra bells and whistles. In package, it looks fantastic.

Of course, you get the typical back of the card reading. Information of who Optimus Prime is. His stats are through the roof, as would be suspected, and his adorable little picture of him in his Autobot glory.


This get up is packed. It has a little flap flips up to display his wonderful trailer in full glory, and shows off the Issue 1 comic reprinting included. The set also comes with a DVD that has wallpapers and stuffs, and is the entire "More Than Meets The Eye" story arc from the original series. Also, it comes with a shield, that has a belt clip that also doubles as a stand. You push the button, which is basically the forehead of the thing, and it rattles off some phrases or the transforming sound effect.

There is everything in their full glory. It's pretty much exactly as advertised. It's a wonderful replication of the original Prime, at a "fraction" of the cost of buying on used. It's a terrific display piece, and I'm proud to welcome another Prime into the family.

In the end,I give it:

Out of a possible 5.

The price of the piece is too much to keep it at a perfect 5.

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